Part-91 General Maintenance Manual

  • Tailored GMM to your operational structure.
  • Detailed forms
  • Records procedures
  • Material identification procedures to avoid suspected unapproved parts.

Part-91 Minimum Equipment List

  • Company MMEL
  • Non-Essential equipment procedures
  • Placarding instructions
  • Process and policy’s

Smart Part Management

  • Review monthly account to ensure accurate billing and usage.

Engine Warranty Program Administration

  • Submit monthly usage

Inventory Assessment

  • Review inventory including shelf life’s
  • Material allocation, usage recommended stock level

Vendor Selection and Quote

  • Identify available vendors who are qualified to perform the maintenance event.
  • Submit work scope for quoting
  • Comparison of costs

Planning and Scheduling

  • Weekly summary – items coming due will be summarized
  • Monthly projection – detailed report of items which will require accomplishment per month.
  • Next heavy maintenance event – Most aircraft have a more extensive visit each 12 months.
  • Long range forecast – Evaluation of the aircrafts maintenance program 96 month.