Aircraft manufactures’ maintenance programs have thousands of tasks to be accomplished. Tasks driven by hours, landings and calendar. Very few aircraft are operated in the same manner which eliminates the possibility of a standard schedule.

A schedule must be created and constantly monitored to ensure any ground time is utilized to its full potential. Maintenance and material planning being scheduled during these periods will reflect significant cost savings.

In today’s world we are all multitasking, performing responsibilities of several positions which leave little time to forecast maintenance. My services will provide you with the long term projection of the aircraft, engines and landing gear.

A program will be tailored to your aircraft flying and its requirements.

  • Weekly summary – items coming due will be summarized
  • Monthly projection – detailed report of items which will require accomplishment per month.
  • Next Heavy maintenance event – Most aircraft have a more extensive visit each 12 months.
  • Long Range forecast – Evaluation of the aircrafts maintenance program 96 month.